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State Pulau Pinang

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Penang Hill

Penang Hill is actually made up of a series of hills which rise above the island. The peak stands at 821 metres above sea level, which makes it a cool getaway from the tropical heat below.

The hill is accessible via a funicular train which was first opened for use in 1923. The train operates in two sections and passengers change railcars at midpoint. It takes about half an hour to reach the summit and the train service operates at half hour intervals.

Alternatively, the fit and adventurous can hike up the hill from the many hiking trails available – the most popular trails start at access points close to the Botanical Gardens. The hike itself is about 6.7 km or 4.5 miles long, which will take hikers an average of 2 to 4 hours, depending on level of fitness.

Upon reaching the summit, one is rewarded with a panoramic view of Penang island. There are also old bungalows, a hotel, bird park and walking trails which are worth checking out. Click here for full story.